Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebration Time?

Yes, it is officially the beginning of our celebration time! The ILC has purchased plane tickets, booked our hotel rooms, and even purchased our textbooks. We are well on our way to a "meaningful" and "relevant" trip that we will cherish forever.

Tonight's orientation was held at El Cerrito High School's library. This was our last meeting before we embark. 

I have to say that tonight was extremely prouductive - we were able to cover loads together as a group and in individual breakout groups as well. Ms. Yolanda Bulls, Brown Session 1's chaperone provided each student and one parent with a binder organized with information before we arrive, schedules once there, and etc.

This summer will be the first time that each of us--including Ms. Bulls--will stay at a prestigous Ivy League school. Thus, we are all new to this and gradually adapting and learning new things daily. Cooperation is key to having a successful trip, and of course punctuality!

Thanks to everyone again for their tremendous amount of support!
16 more days ...

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  1. Stephanie,

    Long before your time and probably even long before your parent's time Groucho Marx had a TV show called "You Bet Your Life" and when one of his guests would innocently say "the magic word" a duck would drop down and prize would be awarded.

    Tonight you get that yet to be determined prize for mentioning "the secret word": punctuality. Let's say it again but this time let's let it sit around in our mouths so we can savor its full flavor.

    When that word is actually applied, it has such a wonderful taste to it but when it gets caught in our throat and doesn't get said it can leave a terrible taste that lingers for a great while.

    Enough said?

    I know you're going to have a great time at Brown and you're going to come back with a great many stories to tell. And you know what would make those stories so much better? Lots of pretty pictures to illustrate them.

    Yes, Stephanie, we're going to have us a real good time.