Saturday, June 26, 2010


Coming in to this program I had a feeling that there would be some issues between us during the time we were together on the trip. With six people in the group there were going to be some disagreements, clashing of opinions, and some heated discussions.

After a week of being together we ran into some problems and we were beginning to split apart. It really bothered me and everyone else that this was happening. We had talked about wanting to stay together as the ILC family through the program but some felt that others were leaving the group. I called a family meeting in my room where we had the most important conversation that I will have during my time at Brown and on the trip.

We presented our issues in a mature and respectful way and got through our problems. We worked together to make sure that we were all on the same page and that we were understanding of our fellow ILC members' feelings and frustrations. We did this by sitting in a circle and telling everyone how we felt, whether it was good or bad, about the group dynamics. We never yelled at or interrupted each other. It was an emotional process that caused us to bond closer together.

This discussion made me a better person because I have a better understanding of where people might be coming from. Not all of us think alike and we are all different and come from different backgrounds. This made me realize that not everyone may think like me but that does not mean that they are wrong or that they intentionally did something to hurt me. My mom told me to never assume what people are thinking and until now I had never realized how important that statement really would impact my life.

The talk we had this afternoon made me feel like we would always be a family. No matter what happens in the next few weeks that we would be there for each other because we now have a better understanding of each other. We are now a true ILC family that can and will stick together through anything.

Once all of us were done crying we had a big group hug. The strength of that hug symbolized the strength of our family.

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  1. Megan,

    An intervention like this is sometimes necessary. People can either sit down and try to work things out or they can let them fester and go to war.

    Something like this would have been nice to have done between our ILC cohorts, the chaperones and the ILC administrators and perhaps we wouldn't have some of the chasms we have right now.

    We learn as we go, though, and we can only hope that we come away better people than we were when we entered.