Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day in New Haven

Hi, everyone. 

Today was our fourth day spent on the East Coast. We were scheduled to visit Yale University in New Haven – one of the most prominent universities in the world. I could even sense it when I walked into the visitor center: from the number of people in the information session room and the creativity of the session. It was a small residential house building that was used as the visitor center. A mini gallery of Yale’s brief timeline and history was definitely the highlight of the house. Instead of having real people talking about Yale, we watched a 10-minute musical-ish video about why students chose Yale University, which was new and interesting. [ ]

While being very surprised about how urbanized the area is around this college, I was also thrilled to see these old architectures when I arrived the campus. Even the classrooms have that old, 18th century European feeling. Although the tour guide girl told us that most of them were actually built in the 1930’s, they were made to look long-historied.

Our student tour guide did a good job showing us around. She explained and emphasized many special systems Yale has, such as residential college system in which students are divided into small “colleges” where all individuals in the group are bounded and live as a big family for 4 years. We also gained some short stories of these old-looking statues on the campus, like the principal statue’s left foot can bring good luck and the story about Nathan Hale.

Yale is a great college! But its law school kind of scared me off. I’m just not that into history or social studies.

Untill next time.

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  1. Zijun.

    That video you saw hit the YouTube circuit a while back and was a big hit. When I saw it I thought it was extremely well done and pretty entertaining. Everything about it was done by Yale students from the writing to the acting to the actual production and even the post production work.

    I hope you didn't rub that statue's left foot--I hear he had cooties.