Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today we were able to see one of the colleges that I have heard about since I was little: Yale.

We arrived in New Haven around 11 and went straight to the admission's office were there was a stuffed bull dog. I had to look twice because I couldn’t believe that it was actually real. Instead of getting an admissions officer talking to us we watched a movie. The movie was people singing about why they chose Yale. At first I thought how can one of the world's top institutes show us a movie? 

I thought it was joke at first, but then I realized that instead of the snotty stuck up image I had of Yale and their students that they were actually just regular college students that had fun like everyone else. It was interesting to see that side of an Ivy League college. 

Once the weird movie was over we went on a tour where I learned that they had dorms where they put every type of person together to live. I really like the idea of getting to know someone that you would have otherwise no opportunity to meet. I liked the fact that they would stay with each other for all four years. 

Although many say the architecture at Yale is really amazing I was not the biggest fan. It seemed really dark and depressed. The buildings were meant to look like they were older than they really are. I thought that was tacky, but they were nice buildings and had a nice layout.

The tour guide also showed us the oldest book on campus and in New Haven. It was the first bible printed out of a press at the school. This and the many other old books and manuscripts just showed how much history that Yale holds. It’s a really great institution that I would be honored to go to.


  1. Megan,

    I suppose there are two sides to the issue of building your facility so it appears to look like an old college. Perhaps there intent back in the '30's was just that. I guess we have to remember that these "new" building were still built 80 years ago so we shouldn't expect architecture that we would expect in 2010.

    Interesting about the old book. By chance did you learn when it was printed? That would be a nice addendum to your blog. Just because it's the oldest book in town and was the first book printed at Yale, for all we know that was only last week. :-)

    I'm sure there are plenty of stories about the stuffed bulldog that could be told but we'll save that for the Yalies to tell us about when they start blogging.

    As I wrote after Zijun told us about the Yale video, I thought it was an interesting way to tell the rest of the world about Yale. It was 100% a Yale production. You and your rabid followers can see it at:

  2. Megan,

    Just another thought about the video: Yale has one of the finest drama and theater departments in the world so it only makes sense that they would use their talents to sing the praises of Yale.