Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Day in Class

My first day in DNA biotechnology was basically what I expected; a long orientation and introduction. 

Apparently, our class was placed in the wrong room and we had to move into another room, which was pretty awkward since it is happening at Brown University. 

After we adjusted to the change, our class met Dr. Harter. My initial reaction to Dr. Harter was that of respect and pride. Apparently, Dr. Harter is the coordinator of setting up the labs for the Biology classes here at Brown. When she announced her position, I was in shock: why is a person of her stature teaching me and how did I even get a chance to have her as a teacher? I immediately thought that this was the thing that alumni students and graduate students were so amazed about: having great teachers who care about and teach you.

I don't really have much to say about today except that I'm getting used to the weather. I have 34 pages to read so see you later.

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  1. William,

    Just curious, you wrote about Dr, Harter and Megan wrote about Dr. Hall. Are these the same two people or are they two separate people? If separate, what will each of them be doing that's different than the other?

    You wrote about some of your impressions and feelings without going into any details telling us the back story. For instance, you write that your initial reaction to Dr. Harter was that of respect and pride. What about her or the situation made you have that initial feeling of respect and what about her made you feel proud?

    Maybe in future blogs you can tell us something about your roomie, tell us further tales about the food and whether it's still as bad as you all wrote about earlier, tell us about your interactions with other students.

    We need you all to amplify your commentaries making them insightful and write with critical thinking.