Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Busy Working Day

Today passed so quickly because we had two labs. Both focused on DNA and involved frequent use of micropipetting and centrifuging. 

I was glad that I took time to read and learn how to use micropipettes and the microfuge yesterday so that I was able to follow the procedures accurately and perform quickly in the lab today. I need to thank my AP Biology teacher from my sophomore year--she trained us to do lots of pre-labs so that this time the 8 to 10 page lab preparations didn’t scare me off at all.

Normally we are dismissed at 11 AM for lunch after labs, but today everyone chose to stay for an extra hour to complete the experiments. I did not mind staying an extra hour because I was excited about performing this lab (I’ve never done it before) and getting my hands on those nice lab equipment.

After rushing through lunch, we came back to the discussion classroom in the Bio-Med building which was just right across from the dining hall. To end the lecture, Ms. Hall gave us a quiz about lab procedures/safety and every classmate’s name. I thought it was very interesting. This meant that Ms. Hall not only wants 22 of us to be classmates, but also friends with respect to each other, starting by knowing all the names. “I like this statement!!”

I went back to my dorm right after class and crashed in my bed due to my fatigue from staying up too much to do work the past few nights. Maybe I should learn to balance my studying and activities better--especially making sure to get sufficient rest. I’m thinking about starting my reading assignments right after class ends so I can finish early instead of doing laundry and other things first and leave homework for the nights. This is going to be a valuable habit in college.


  1. Zijun,

    Time management is one of those critical tools necessary for success everywhere. Whether in college, on the job or just around the house, knowing how to manage your time so you can get everything done in the limited time allowed. Right now you're learning this first hand.

    That little tool Ms. Hall is using forcing you to become familiar with each other is also a tool to remind you that you're ALL working on the same team and not as a couple of dozen individuals all working independently. Outside of law school and organic chem classes, collegiate classwork isn't usually adversarial.

  2. Zijun,

    One more thing about time management: If your body crashes at the end of the team which can you do without--your studies or your laundry?