Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 1

So today I finally departed for Brown University. 

The night before I had a very hard time sleeping since I was constantly thinking about what I was missing and what to do while I’m at Brown. Miraculously, I survived for 5 hours of restless sleep and arrived at Pinole Valley at 4 in the morning. Being chilled to the bone, I watched my fellow students loading and weighing their luggage. I was quite surprised at how some luggage were magically less than 50 pounds.

The plane ride was just plain out boring. The first ride from Oakland to Las Vegas was alright, being an hour long but the ride from Las Vegas to Providence was so long and tiresome. All I could see was Andrew watching Korean Drama and Austin playing with his cell phone. The constant humming of the engine didn’t help to create the sleeping environment. As I looked outside just before our landing, a layer of cloud resembled a barrier; opening to welcome us to Providence, Rhode Island.

We had some trouble with catching a cab and this resulted into us renting a van for 4 days before we move into the dorms. This part of the trip gave me an important experience in life; suitcases are really, really, really, really big and heavy truly.

The best part of this whole day is getting lost within Providence’s small urban streets. The situation was this; after getting dinner, we wanted to go to Wal-Mart and other stores and to explore the area. Not surprisingly, we got lost. While getting lost, I was exposed to and given a unique look at Providence. This tour gave me more inspiration to take another look at the world.

Till next time.

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  1. William,

    I'm always amazed when I read from five people who made the same trip with five different tellings of the story. It's almost as though you were all on a different trip.

    You're a pretty funny guy, William. You write about five hours of sleep as if that's sleep deprivation. What I wouldn't do for that many hours of sleep even if they were fitful hours.

    Just how big and how heavy were those suitcase you wrote about. You need to talk to Stephanie about her 21 pound bag.

    And William, I'd have a lot more confidence in you all if you wouldn't write that you weren't surprised that six of the brighter students from the District spent a couple of hours aimlessly wandering around Providence and couldn't find your destination. And don't knock getting lost. I've seen more of America that way so look at the bright side of things.