Friday, June 18, 2010

Boston College and Shopping

The train ride was so much better because it was so much shorter. Once we got to Boston we took the trolley up Commonwealth Avenue where we saw Boston University and local shops. We arrived at Boston College and I was immediately impressed by the architecture and the history of the buildings. 

During the informational session I learned that it was a Jesuit Catholic school. I was not so happy about that, especially since it was so integrated into the clubs and activities outside of school. Once we went on the tour, though, I slowly realized that the campus life and style was a possible match for me. I may not apply to the college but it helped me realize what I want and don't want.

After the tour we were off to eat and explore the city. We were able to pick up some souvenirs and do a little shopping.

The sales were great and the city was vibrant with colors and smells. Within one block you could smell the sewer, fresh fruit, then some perfume from a fellow pedestrian. It was an experience not to be forgotten.

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  1. Megan,

    Many of you are commenting on the architecture but you're not telling us much about why you're impressed or what it is that you like about it. Maybe in future blogs if this comes up you can help us to understand what it is that you find so intriguing.

    When you mention that it "was" a Jesuit college, is it still considered that or was that just a part of it's past? And the reasons why this turned you off, is it that you may not want to attend a school where religion dominates the school or is it something else?

    Tomorrow is Yale and that should be another adventure in architecture.

    And thanks for the photos.