Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

This may be as late of a blog as they come, but I can still remember everything from the La Strada meal from a week ago. I feel this deserves an explanation so it is this: I have been trying to find a way to post the many pictures I took. I hope that does the trick, but anyway, back to serious business.

La Strada was a lot of fun. I remember I sat right next to William and my Dad right across from me. We had a great time even before we even began. Then once we began, it just kept getting better and better. Ms. Kronenberg started everything perfectly. I think it was a good idea to get the food first before we began the day's activities, because once they get started, they never end.

Aside from the pastas and chickens, what I loved the most is that we were in the presence of Brown Students, Brown Alumni, and even a Brown Admissions officer. I think Cynthia Fong was terrific. I think it is no surprise that she had been accepted into Brown University. She knew so much and looked like the person that could tackle anything that came her way, and it was very nice of her to post her visit to Brown on this blog.

Following that were many more people. The Brown Freshman advisor was very energetic and made me want to get up and give her a hug. She knew so much and was so energetic. It is impossible to not listen to her and her words made me want to go even further and have a hope to attend this prestigious University. 

Next was the Brown Admission officer. I could not believe she took time out of her busy schedule just to see us. It was a pleasure to know that Officers from Ivy League schools keep track of our district. What I liked most was to see all the passion she has for her job. It is comforting to know that there are people like her that are truly passionate about what they do.

The next group were the student speakers. Lucero Perez and Austin Long were terrific. If I were to make a speech, it would sound just like that. They never said anything that I would disagree with.

There was one person that made that evening even more worth while. Mr. Medrano's closing statement was terrific. He was the perfect closing to a very perfect evening. 

But just like an advertisement, "wait there's more!" The Q and A was very helpful. There were only a handful of questions simply because a lot of them were answered. I liked how open they were and how the people on the panel did not stray away from the answers. Sure it would have been handy to have a Spanish to English translator, but anyone could tell what they were talking about. Then, after Mr. Ramsey's closing, we had the chance to talk to them individually. It was an evening to put in the record books because it had everything one could ask, good fun, good food and good people.

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  1. Andrew,

    I like your title to this blog--it helps make my comments (which are coming five weeks after you posted your blog) seem less like they're late, too.

    Sadly, I had to work that day and was unable to attend. None of us is so important that the whole show has to stop because of a glitch in our own schedules.

    Everything I'm reading and hearing about this event was positive and gives us a good excuse to try to set up similar events in the future.