Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot Days at Brown University

It is hot. Far too hot to operate, much less prepare for class tomorrow. Nonetheless, here we are, at Brown University, about to take a rigorous class that will test our mettle and push us to the cutting edge of science, technology, and education.

This morning we woke up and said farewell to our beloved Hilton Hotel rooms and went to register at Brown University. The heat was terrible. At Brown, we picked up orientation packets, with lanyards, keys, ID cards, and books. Ms. Bulls then drove us back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, and from there we moved into our dorm rooms. Our dorm rooms are spartan, to say the least. With only a dresser, a bed, a desk, and a pillow, it was obvious that maybe I should have packed a little extra decoration for my new home for the next 3 weeks. The heat was sweltering and burning, so we went to rent giant fans to cool down our room, and I think that was the best ten dollars I have spent so far on this trip. Although its noise is reminiscent of the horns at the World Cup Games, it does the job quite nicely. 

I also met my roommate today, and I have to say, that I'm not too worried anymore. He's very accommodating, and I'm glad that I have him as a roommate.

At the orientation session, the Brown staff introduced themselves and the rules of Brown. My RA is really cool, and he's very interested in helping us out, which is good. When we went to dinner, the dining hall was so far away, and the line was so long, that once I got there, I was drenched with sweat from the burning heat. The food was just okay and I hope that it gets better tomorrow. I really appreciate all that Ms. Bulls did for us, by buying us towels, bedspreads, extension cords, lamps, and even food for us, so that we would have a good time. At night, I went to the RA meeting where we went over more rules, and then I hung out with Andrew, Will, and Stephanie to divide up the spoils.

Tomorrow will be interesting, as the first day of class is sure to be hectic. It's still too hot in here.

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  1. Austin,

    I've just started reading tonight's blogs but we're now three for three telling us it's hot and that the food sucks. Sounds like right now we have the better end of the deal. Our weather is cool and breezy and most of us just finished a nice Father's Day barbecue dinner. Oh well...

    Glad you got yourself a cool roommate and RA. Which residence hall are you assigned to?

    I'm getting the feeling that the Hilton Hotel chain would love to hear from all of you. You've all written some pretty nice things about your stay at the Hilton but maybe it's just that in comparison to your spartan digs at Brown that just about any place would seem nicer.