Sunday, June 27, 2010

Absolute Rest

In the short story, “Let Me Feel Your Pulse” by O. Henry, the main character is plagued unknown ills, and so he visits a series of doctors for treatment. All of the doctors he visits prescribe “absolute rest and exercise” to the main character as a cure for his ails. Although I may not be a doctor, I do know that with absolute rest and exercise will cure a person of many ills. My roommate will concur on this, as he is enrolled in the “So You Want to Be a Doctor?” course here at Brown. Although I didn’t get much exercise, I did have plenty of rest today.

During the weekends here at Brown, the campus is pretty quiet. Most students are either sleeping in or have left early for other adventures off campus. Weekend life at Brown is very mellow and relaxed, with little tension, with one exception. In the laundry room, it is an all-out battle for washers and dryers. Many resort to dirty tactics in the laundry room by removing the laundry of others before they have had a chance to pick it up. Although it may seem like a petty mistake, it is a serious transgression, with no end of animosity to those who practice this evil tactic.

Many other students who aren’t preoccupied with laundry or studying have other activities to do, ranging from movie night to Ultimate Frisbee to sun tanning out in the quad. I don’t recommend the last one, but I have seen others do it, and it was awkward, having to pass by them on the way to the other dorms.

Luckily, I was spared from most of this because Ms. Bulls took us out to Hometown Buffet for brunch, where I overstuffed myself at the desert bar. I had a carrot cake, a strawberry mousse, orange sherbet, and a scrumptious slice of cheesecake, although the other Brownies tell me otherwise. I enjoyed eating brunch with the ILC group because it gives us a chance to discuss what we have learned, and what we have grasped so far from this college-like experience.

Afterwards, I prepared for my next day’s class and studied with my friends until the end of the night. I must admit, that the freedom offered by Summer@Brown closely mimics the freedom that will await us in college, in that we have the freedom and option of doing whatever we want without limits, from visiting the city of Providence to staying in our dorm to study. That freedom completes the college experience here at Summer@Brown, and although I am not foolish enough to believe that this is exactly how college will actually be like, I do still hope I will have the same freedom in what every college I go to.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have the opportunity to have absolute exercise as well as rest.

Relaxing Brown

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  1. Austin-
    I love the O'Henry comparison! And I am pleased to hear that you are resting. One of the notes that our Cornellians made was that they were informed that a teen needs 9.25 hours of sleep per night. How are you doing? Our students here have just started classes, so it should be interesting if they can get that much time to sleep. Somehow, I doubt it.