Sunday, June 27, 2010

Every Day is a Learning Day.

Week two has begun and I am ready to finish the next two weeks off on a strong note. 

We have completely adjusted to the college way of life and come across what is expected from us and what we should expect from Brown. From living in a dorm to walking a distance to the dining hall, to even the course workload, we have finally experienced what Brown students are experiencing when they decided to study here. 

Whether living in a single, double, or triple, students have the responsibility to wake up on time, keep their keys in a safe spot, and attend necessary floor meetings. 

Inside the classroom, we are now accustomed to the professor’s teaching style. Our professor lectures for the most part which is different as compared to my high school classes. At Hercules High, teachers incorporate lecture, discussion, and work time into a 50 minute class period. Here, the professor lectures for three straight hours with only a 15 minute break in between. It is the complete opposite yet both are equally notable. Summer@Brown encourages students to attend extracurricular activities; nonetheless, they prioritize class first. 

Our residential advisor, Julia, held a brief floor meeting with us earlier today to go over and touch up on what is expected of us. She wants to make sure that we Brownies understand what is expected from us and that we understand that consequences do come with poor decisions and actions. More importantly, Julia insists that we check in on time, and stay on our floor once curfew hits. On the other hand, we expect her to keep a sharp lookout for us and be available when we need her for any kinds of problems, socially or academically. On coming to this program, there were some expectations that were vague and ambiguous. Now, we are wholly aware of what is expected, what is right, and what is wrong.


  1. Stephanie,

    It seems strange the your RA would be having this discussion with you a full week into program. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate right off the bat? Especially if she was discussing rules and safety issues.

  2. Don,

    This is our second meeting. We had one on the first day we arrived as well.