Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Day of a Whole New Experience

Today was the day we would move into the dormitories. It is also when we would get the chance to live our lives like college students. This is a big step forward for myself and I feel it will be full of obstacles.

If there were any disappointments in today's events, it would be the dormitories. They do cover the basics, bed, desk, pillow, and chiffonier, but they do it in a way that is really revolting. I shouldn't complain though, this is a learning facility, not the Hilton. I do miss the fresh linens and the free coffee, but I guess I can live.

Well, now that the daily rant is done, today's agenda was fully packed. We had to wake up early and drive to the college to check in. I thought it was really hot and was just unbearable. I did make it though and I think it will be worth the effort. Next we loaded up Chi'Kia (the van) with all our luggage and then took two trips to the college.

After viewing the disappointing dormitories, we needed to go through orientation and do several things to learn all the rules and regulations for the Summer @ Brown program. I think that this campus is really safe in terms of personal well being, but it is still open, a nice feature in my book. I think this is a start of a well-to-do session whose impact will go beyond the gates of Brown University.

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  1. Andrew,

    After reading the blogs from you, Austin, William and Megan (I've yet to read Zijun's and Stephanie's) I think that in future years we may put our Brownies up at El Sleazo Motel and have you all share just one room. Maybe then the Brownies will be more appreciative of those wonderful accommodations at the Brown residence halls. :-)

    At least you didn't complain about the food--or maybe it just slipped your mind?

    Don't pay me any never-mind, Andrew. We want to know about these things. If you don't tell us, we'll think that you're all staying in a four star resort where they put mints on your pillows at night.