Thursday, June 3, 2010

Endless Waiting

The Orientation flew by and I can definitely say that I am very excited for the trip. We learned more in depth about our class (Women and Leadership) and the kinds of things we need to be aware of once we are on the east coast, such as safety and current events.

We met the chaperones that will be traveling with us and also recieved our day-by-day agenda of the trip. I find it extremely organized and effective to have such things on hand at this point. I greatly appreciate it and will definitely utilize it to familiarize myself with everything that will be going on in July.

Some of the many things I look forward to are the college visits. I am excited to visit some of the best colleges and universities on the east coast to see if they're the right fit for me. I can honestly see myself inclining towards schools other than UC's. I am most excited about Wellesley, I feel like I don't know enough about women's colleges to criticize them. I can't wait to step onto these campuses, and of course, Brown University!

I am counting down the hours for the trip. I am very anxious to explore Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Time is short, but it feels like forever! I am going to be taking lots and lots of photos out and about the cities. I hope to meet new friends and establish connections once we arrive. Life is about networking, like Mr. Ramsey said, and that is very, very true. We are only offered this opportunity once in a blue moon so we must grasp it very tightly.

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  1. Lupe,

    FINALLY!!! Someone who understands the real reason you're all going back east: to take lots of pretty photos. If you follow through with that I'll be your best friend forever!

    I'm so very impressed, Lupe, with the openness I'm seeing in all three of our Lady Oilers. You're walking into this ready to learn and discover new ideas before making life decisions. I'm betting that you'll have a great future in front of you as long as you keep your mind open to new ideas and concepts.