Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surroundings and Dining

Welcome to room 104!

Although yesterday was the first night of class, both my roommate and I already were piled with readings. She is taking a course, Themes on Existentialism and had approximately 100 pages to cover. On the other hand, I was fortunate enough to have 1/3 of her amount to read. One night she will have a larger workload than me and other nights, I will have larger workload than her. Nevertheless, both of us have been sharing 

our preferences such as study hours, sleeping time, etc.

Aside from my own room, my RA Julia lives on the right of me and the women's restroom is on the left of me which makes it perfectly convenient. This view on the right is exactly how it appears when I peek outside my window from my dorm. It is called Keeney Quad and everyone lives in this quad as it connects to four different residential halls, three of which we Brownies are staying at: Jameson (Zijun, Austin, me), Bronson (William and Andrew), and Mead (Megan).

Foodwise, we eat at the Verney Woolley Dining Hall which is located closely to many other small eateries of all kinds. VW Dining Hall serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all buffet style. Like most, it is typical college campus food such as spaghetti, french fries, cold-sandwiches, waffles, ice cream machine, and soda and juice bar. More savory choices would be like asian beef noodles, steak sandwiches, and apple turnovers. As of now, I am still enjoying the food choices and hopefully it will last for the next three weeks!

I have met a handful of amazing people that come from all over the world. One even came from Greece! Learning about the different cultures, food, and education systems are very rewarding.

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  1. Stephanie,

    How great to hear from you--we were getting worried.

    You've told us more in this one blog about your living situation than everyone else combined to date and for that I thank you. And you provided artwork as well!

    That's a nice view from your window. I'm looking out my own window right now where I get to stare at the side of my neighbor's house. It's a good thing it's the dead of night or I'd die of boredom.

    That's too bad about all of the reading but at least you aren't in class all day so you have a little time to study between classes. [Easy for me to say sitting comfortably 2500 miles away.]

    We're looking forward to reading from you and Andrew about how your class is run and what you're learning in the class. This is a new class for us so we're curious whether ti was a wise choice.