Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Ivy League Connection Connects!

Today after class, the Ivy League Connection, along with all the other partnership programs, had a chance to have a pizza social. With this, we had the chance to meet and see who else had the chance to attend Summer@Brown. Not only did we meet up with other students and make new friends, but we had the chance to meet up with alumni and an admissions officer. One of the best parts was that all this was conducted by the dean of the program, Dean Robin Rose.

The day before this event, we all received letters under our doors informing us of the event. We then went to the event the next day, being sure to represent the Ivy League Connection.

When we walked in, the smell of pizza filled the air conditioned room. To the right there were about 15 pizzas waiting for us and two liter bottles of diet everything. By the time the festivities began, we had about forty to fifty people. We started the evening by getting in a circle and telling our names and where they came from. I heard many different places where names came from, from having an Asian decent meaning “god praises and rises” to having no idea where the name comes from.

After that, the alumni sat in a panel style formation and they would talk to us and tell us about themselves. We would sit around them as they talked about their past and where they came from. One of them was from San Diego, California and she talked about how she is from Tijuana and her family would have to move from one side of the border to the other. This was very inspiring because it shows what types of students attend Brown. 

After that, we all split in half and then wrote anonymous questions on cards. The group I went with had alumni named Walter, Alex, and Mayte. Most of the questions were specific to Brown such as “why was Brown right for you” but I wanted to be a bit broader. The question I wrote was “How do you choose a college that fits you.” They said to not to worry about the name, but focus on finding a school that is right for you. 

After that, we had a chance to enjoy some left over pizza.


  1. Great pictures, Andrew. Could Brown be for you?

  2. It could be! It has all the things I look for in a college. I can actually see myself being here for four years.

  3. Andrew,

    What a guy! Sucking up to the big lady herself. Good for you.

    That whole pizza party deal sounded great until I read that the sodas were all diet sodas. How could they be so cruel to you? Giving you a food that demands that you drink lots of fluids and then putting out fluids that are not fit for human consumptions? They don't even do that at Guantanamo Bay.

    Sounds like the get-together worked, though. You all seemed to have learned a lot about each other and just how much alike you really are.

  4. Yes, the Diet drinks might as well have been sparkling water, but it was worth the drinks! And it was nice to try out their thin crusted pizza, plus the sauce was not under the cheese, it was in globs all around over the cheese. It was really different, but in a good way.