Sunday, June 20, 2010

The First Day at Brown

Well, what can I say about my first day at Brown University... I can say it's hot, humid, and old. I can also say that Brown is huge and beautiful. As we entered the gates for the first time, I felt like I was on a majestic trail leading to the university. I have to admit, the sign-in and walkthrough was fast. I got my room keys, Brown ID card, and map during the event. The walkthrough was nerve racking though because I felt a sense of entrapment of stares and prejudice. I got through it somehow.

After that, I got my bags and headed over to Bronson House to find my room and possibly my roommate. I dragged my 50 pound suitcase up 4 flights of stairs to find my room, which was hot and muggy. Right now, I wish I was still back at the Hilton Hotel with clean sheets and a comfortable bed, not mentioning the amazing AC. Too late for that now...

The orientation was OK. There were some technical difficulties, but Brown's staff managed to get through their presentation. Moe, the coordinator for extra-curricular activities, seemed to be the coolest staff member, giving high-5s to anyone who was in arms length.

Dinner wasn't as spectacular as I have expected. I had to wait in a long line in a musty room for 30+ minutes and inhale CO2 tainted air. The buffet style dinner wasn't that great since there were only three entrees and sides for the rest of the choices. The only thing that I did enjoy was the self serve ice cream and yogurt.

Unpacking was the funnest thing today. I could now unload all my stuff from my "pregnant" suitcase and finally settle down. I feel more at home right now with the addition of many accessories to my otherwise gloomy room. My roommate, Alex, finally showed up after the Ice Cream Social. He is from Florida and is entering his 10th grade. He seems like a cool guy. Oh yeah, another fact, he's taking the same class as me. Yippee.

Take care.

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  1. William,

    Megan also wrote of her disappointment regrading the dining fare. You need to make sure you tell us more about this whether you do it in the blog or--perhaps better yet--in an email. These are things we all want to know about.

    Megan also wrote about the oldness of Brown. Brown isn't the only school to be really old (before time) but most schools try to modernize when they get a chance so they don't come across as Brown has to the two of you.

    At least they have Wi-Fi in your dorms.

    You'll have to tell us more about Alex in the coming weeks. A snapshot might be nice so we can put a face with a name.

    Maybe you can amplify--either here or in an email--about those stares you wrote about.