Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Nice Day

Hi guys. One more day and it's going to be one week at Brown!

Today we performed a lab on Gel Electrophoresis. We electrofroze DNA to seperate the DNA by their lengths. I made some detail mistakes such as forgetting to add certain elements to the gel and running the electrophoresis machine too long. I made these mistakes because the lab procedure was not specific and I made some assumptions without observing how other people did it. Even with these minor mistakes, my gel came out fine. I remember doing DNA electrophoresis in AP Biology two years ago, but the same experiment was brought to a higher level today. Now I not only know how to pour the gels and inject the DNA solutions, but also making and controlling the DNA and gel mixtures.

In the afternoon lecture we briefly discussed the results from the morning. We talked about the mistakes we made in the morning and how to prevent making those mistakes again. After that, the coolest activity of the day took place.

In order to make those of us in the class quickly befriend each other, Ms. Hall gave us an "assignment" on the first day of class. That is, drawing different locations near the campus and being divided into groups of three, who would then have to go to that place and take a picture together. I am in a group with Aditi and Alex. We took the bus to our assigned location--India Point Park Footbridge--and took a picture! Even though it didn't take that long because the town is easy to get around, we still had a great time.

Tomorrow is going to be a Friday, I'm ready for more labs and a fulfilling weekend!

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  1. Zijun,

    Sounds like you're blending in quite well--as we thought you might.
    Just curious, who took the photo?