Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Third Time's a Charm!

Today when I woke up, I realized that I don’t have my own room anymore, like at home. I need to keep the peace by ensuring that the room stays clean, because my roommate keeps his side relatively clean. I cannot emphasize the value of a roommate enough. If one were to leave his keys inside, it would cost twenty-five dollars for them to unlock the door. It is great to have a roommate because they could unlock the door for you and retrieve your trapped keys. Its not all about keys, its about the full college experience. Having someone with you would show you an example of how life would be in about one and a half years. It is also great to have someone to talk to whether you had a good day or a bad day.

During breakfast we decided to have a mini study session. The Bio students had a test so we decided to work together and help them out. It was nice to get the chance to read about the other side of the spectrum and see what the sciences are doing. It turned out that they were preparing for a test in their class and it was covering the first two labs and some safety issues. I was really surprised at how far they go in detail about everything. I was impressed by the amount of content they have to learn in such a short time. I decided to wait until after their test to give them a chance to look through the finance book.

During our finance class, we had to get into groups and analyze a region’s status economically. We looked for things like eurodollar amounts. Those are accounts that are in a different currency other than the country’s own currency. I have the opportunity to work with students living on my floor. This will give me the opportunity to learn more about them. This is also easier because they are in close proximity therefore scheduling meeting times and places would be much easier.

Continuing from the class we learned, in detail, about financial institutions, financial environments and financial instruments and began a new category called financial markets. I am amazed at how knowledgeable Mr. Li is about these topics. He is able to discuss them without looking at any notes. If this is what a real college teacher is like, I think I’m going to like it in college. I think this is the best way to learn because it gives a student confidence ensuring they are learning from someone who knows what they are saying. His style of teaching is very simple yet effective. What he does is write a topic on the board then makes long lecture on it. I learn far better like this because it forces me to hear him and write notes instead of copying it off the board.

Economics may seem like a boring topic to some but it is extremely interesting to me. Just knowing that you have the chance to deal with large amounts of money and having trust between yourself and a client is very humbling. It would be boring to others, but this is extremely interesting. After only three days of class I have amassed eighteen pages worth of notes. I think this is a good thing in that every word Mr. Li says is very important to the course. One would need to write a lot of notes because there are a lot of definitions in every section he covers. This does not mean he is a very serious man, he makes attempts at being funny, even though they are not really. I will try to take a few photos of him teaching for us next time.

Also, later in the afternoon, Ms. Bulls took us out with the new rental car. It was far smaller than the old Kia Sedona (AKA Chi’Kia) but still had the ability to do the job. I hope we get the chance to see the van again. We have not yet had the opportunity to give this new car a nickname yet.


  1. Andrew,

    Most subjects are boring to everyone except those that find them interesting. I'm sure you're finding your subject matter of interest to you but if you were in the DNA class the same might not said. Such is the way of the world.

    Just curious, if you had access to this book prior to leaving for Brown, would it have been of value to you? We try to send our cohorts off prepared but often we can't learn about any textbooks or reading material required for the course. Others actually assign reading while some just "suggest" reading. [Just so you know, when an instructor "suggests" reading a book, you can pretty much bet that most of the questions on the Final will be about that book.]

    Our Yalies had 3,749 pages of required reading while our Freedom & JUstice students had a library full of reading as well. Even our Hotelies has a book "suggested" just a week before leaving.

  2. It would have been very beneficial if I had access to the book prior to brown. This is because the material in the book is extremely dense and that dense information requires time to soak in, which could be done before, but nonetheless it would have been nice.

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