Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moving to Brown

Our schedule sounded easy today - move from Hilton Providence to Brown University student dorm. However, today was NOT easy at all, more like one of the toughest days so far.

We arrived at Brown University at 9 AM and followed the procedure - check in, get IDs, keys, etc. Soon after we finished checking in we went back to the hotel to get our luggage and dropped it off at our rooms. Now all 6 Brownies are separated. We are assigned to different rooms with other people from all over the states and the world. I got a little bit sentimental in my heart because after these few days of traveling in a group, we've already had a bond formed among us. I will remember the good old days that we stuck and hanged out together all day long and had those "blogging parties". I value the memories with my Brownies even though we are still living in the same building and will see each other every day.

Today was sizzling, sizzling hot. The temperature was high, the sun was harsh, and the air is humid. Even though going through the orientation and meeting new people were interesting, settling down in my room and getting all the supplies and things straight was hectic.

I made lots of friends today. Not only people from up here in the North East, but also people from Florida, the Midwest, California, even China and Europe! Everyone was talkative and friendly. That was the best part of my day.

The other best part of my day was when I got my books. Thank you ILC and Ms. Bulls. Right after we unpacked everything, all of us got our textbooks and lamps and linens taken care of. I was really excited about the class which is starting tomorrow, or today (it is now almost 1 AM EST). As a science-nerd, I simply cannot wait till tomorrow to meet my professor and classmates, and most importantly - to learn as much as I can about Bio-tech.

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  1. Zijun,

    How very nice to hear from you. I enjoyed reading of your thoughts and impressions about the move.

    By all accounts so far (I've read five of the six blogs so far) you all seem to be in agreement that it's uncomfortably warm. As someone who truly enjoys cool weather and melts when the mercury reaches 70, I can empathize with you. I'm sure the humidity makes it even worse.

    When you get a chance, maybe you can tell us something about your roommate. Have someone snap a photo that you can include in a blog. Putting a face with a name always helps.

    The others had comments about the food. Was it to your liking or do you share the same sentiments as your fellow Brownies?

    Once you start your class you can tell us EVERYTHING about your adventures in Providence. Keep in mind, though, that look on Mr. Ramsey's face when he sat in on your interview. It would be unfair to make him go through torture like that again so while we want you to tell us everything, don't get too technical on us or Mr. Ramsey's head might just explode. :-0