Monday, June 21, 2010

Our First Day of Class

Our DNA-based Bio-tech class has started today. Our instructor is Ms.Hall. She is a very nice and knowledgeable lady. We simply went over the syllabus and met everyone in class. Since it is a lab-based class, we will be doing labs most of the time (one lab per day) and some discussion/lectures. We will start going to the lab tomorrow, I am so excited for the experiments!

It is the second day at Brown, and my roommate never showed up. I talked to our residential adviser and she told me someone else might move in. Living in a double room by myself has been pretty lonely. I'm now better adjusted to the strange weather and group life.

It is past midnight now and I still have 16 pages out of 34 pages of textbook reading and a pre-lab to go. So goodnight!

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  1. Zijun,

    Sorry about the roomie situation, Hopefully it will work itself out soon. Keep us informed, won't you?

    Now that you're fully settled in not only to your room but to your class, maybe you can amplify your comments on the blog so we can share in your experiences.