Friday, June 25, 2010

Outside of Class Activities

The outside-of-class activities at Brown have been occupying my schedule outside of class with entertainment and meeting new people. I've attended quite a few social activities along with many of the other 900 of the high school students at Brown.

Because we didn't get much homework last night I attended two informational sessions. The first session was on college planning. Because the grades of the students in the session were diverse (mainly sophomores and juniors.), I learned lots of things that will help increase my chances of being accepted into the college of my choice. I also realized that I only have one year of high school left. I have so many goals on my to-do list to accomplish before I graduate -- higher SAT scores, college personal statements, college admissions course requirements, etc. I was happy that I attended this session because now I have a clearer picture of what I need to get accomplished this school year.

The second session I went to was called "Healthy Hookups" which was a one-hour informational session about sexual education. When I heard the phrase "Healthy Hookups", I didn't really understand what it was referring to until Stephanie told me that it was about "how to make sex healthy". It was very informative. Even though the session was quite popular and the room was filled with students at different levels in terms of sexual behaviors, I still learned lots about sexual "common sense."

Tomorrow all six of us Brownies are visiting Boston with other Brown summer session students. I'm very excited to be in Boston again and to meet more new friends!

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  1. Zijun,

    Sounds like both of these sessions were time well spent for you. You might want to read my comments to Stephanie's blog but just in case, I'm repeating it here:

    I'm surprised to learn that Brown even offered this session. Just from what you've described it seems as though things have gone backwards since I was your age.

    Our public schools often aren't allowed to discuss many of the things you mentioned here and probably most of the things you felt you couldn't mention here.

    In earlier times this was taught in the schools and the students felt free to discuss their questions with their counselors and teachers (those same people who are afraid of losing their jobs if they had such discussions with today's students).

    I'm glad that this was offered and even more pleased that it was received by the students as useful information.