Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recap Time

The Days are counting down while the first week of Brown went by really quickly. From a regular 10th grader, I have transformed into a much more mature, smarter, and organized person. Let’s recap on the things that I have experienced over the past week:

Ø Meeting my roommate: My biggest fear with Brown wasn’t the course but the roommate I had. I expected my roommate to be mature, older than me, and punctual but I got Alex. As shown in the video, he is a complete mess and immature in my eyes. For example, he tries to ignore every question I ask him. In addition, he never cleans up his side of the room, making me feel dirty.

Ø Developing new friends: It’s nice to have your ILC buddies to hang around with, but part of my college experience is to branch out and meet new people. I have met countless people who have a similar with me and share the same burden. One friend I have developed along the way at Brown is Brandon. He’s Taiwanese and takes the same class with me: Techniques in DNA-based Biotechnology. He’s very friendly and is just there for you when you need it. I feel great to have a person like that on my team when I really need it (I hope to make a video of him sometime).

Ø Meeting challenges: Before going into the course, I predicted that the work for Biotechnology would be long and strenuous. It is. Not taking AP Biology before and having taken regular Biology a few years ago, I felt lost within the midst of talented minds. Somehow, I felt as if I have met the challenges thrown in my face and progressed to a point far from it. I have to say that the labs are very, very, very fun and interesting.

Ø Meeting inspiration: The most inspirational thing I experienced throughout this whole week was Toy Story 3. I’m not joking! Toy Story 3 touched my heart and almost made me cry at the end where Andy somberly stated “Thanks guys”. I have learned many things from that movie: 1. “You got a friend in me”; a friend is always there for you no matter what. 2. Looks may be deceiving; the big huggable stuffed bear looked nice in the beginning, but towards the end, he is actually evil. 3. You will never forget your friends.

Week 1 is finally over but I and the ILC group have more work to do. I hope the other ILC members have arrived safe in their respective colleges and are doing well. I’m out.


  1. What a great opportunity to wok in Ivy league college lab. Enjoy visiting your blog. Stay healthy.

  2. William,

    I'm so sorry to hear more about your troubles with your roommate.

    Please consider discussing this with your RA. He may be able to arrange for a transfer. Perhaps there are other children attending Brown this year that can be paired up with Alex.