Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My class, International Finance and Investments, is a very rewarding class. It is setting me up for the many endeavors I will be facing in the future if I choose to pursue them. 

Today we were assigned another project and we will be working for a while until we can get the prime investment portfolio’s down to a tee. The class was divided, once again, by region and I chose to do South Korea. The stocks I chose were Hyundai Motor Company and the stock fund was iShares Korea. 

I am getting the chance to use programs such as Excel and PowerPoint. It would have been nice if I had a chance to learn how to use Excel and PowerPoint prior to coming to Brown. However, the teacher does a decent job at teaching us how to use the programs. I think after using my laptop almost every day for the projects, it is safe to say a computer should be mandatory.

Aside from the technology, my mathematics background came in handy with the class because I was able to solve a lot of the problems easier. The only problem I have had thus far was the academic concepts. They were a bit more of a challenge in comparison to the math, but it was possible to overcome it. What really helped were his lectures because they helped be a glue to hold down the concepts. Some things that were a problem were trying to find out what standardized deviation, but I was able to go over it with Dr. Li. Yes, he does have a PhD in Economics. Thanks to his way of teaching, it is safe to say, I now know what 'standard deviation' means.

One thing that was not so easy to control is choosing a roommate. I think I did get lucky in this section. My roommates name is Akshat and he is a terrific roommate. He has saved me once, when I locked my keys inside, he was there to unlock the door for me. He told me he is Indian, but he is from Singapore. We get along great and it is very easy to live with a roommate like him. He keeps his belongings clean and organized and he makes sure the dorm room is always locked, much like myself. I sure hope I am that lucky by the time college arrives.


  1. Andrew,

    We learn as we go...

    Two years ago the requirements for the program were far different than they are today.

    I agree whole heartedly with you about the need to teach our ILC cohorts to be proficient in Excel and PowerPoint. The only class where this was truly a requirement was the Cornell Hotel Management course and we had tutorial sessions for them but I'm thinking this is something we should consider starting early on for all of our students. It never hurts to have these two applications under your belt.

    It breaks my heart, Andrew, to read that it was one of our own ILC students who was the one locking their keys in their dorm rooms. It's suppose to be our people who do the rescuing and not the other way around.

    It's good to hear, though, that you have a roomie you get along with and who complements your own lifestyle.

    Perhaps when you and Stephanie return we can sit down and the two of you can tell us how we can better prepare future students for this class.

  2. Sorry Don but I was in a rush and now I tie my keys to my belt loop. I think it is a great idea to meet up and discuss learning about what to use for next year.