Friday, June 18, 2010

Boston College

Today, we visited Boston.

The first thing I noticed about Boston is that Boston is a great deal cleaner than New York. Also, the streets of Boston aren't nearly as packed as New York, nor are the subways as packed.

Upon arrival at Boston College, I saw that the school was very beautiful. It was clean, sharp, and very impressive. 

During the informational session, I learned that BC is a Catholic college, with over 70% of the students being of the Catholic faith. 

The scholastic programs and the service of the college were very attractive and very nice, but I felt that if I were to go to this college, I wouldn't fit in very well because of the large number of Catholics there and the strong influence of religion in the college. I would feel at home at a place with more diversity. 

I really liked the school's location and setting, but the presence of religion in most aspects of life at Boston College ultimately let decide that I was not right for Boston, even if I was very impressed by the campus and programs.

After the college tour, we went shopping in Boston a little, and I bought 5 hand sanitizers for $5. I can't resist a good deal. 

Yale tomorrow!

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  1. Austin,

    So far we're batting a thousand with regards to the religious aspects of BC making it difficult for BC to be the best fit for you all. That's understandable.

    You may want to forward a copy of your blog on to The New York Times for their editorial page. Your comments about Boston being cleaner and less crowded might offend a few New Yawkers but many would wear it as a badge of honor. They then might make a few choice comments about your heritage and even make a few hand gestures that can't be shown on TV.