Monday, June 21, 2010

The Halls of Brown are Alive with the Sound of Music...

Congratulations to Andrew for making the Brown A Capella group, the Brown Notes! I had the honor of watching his audition, and to say the least, he put Susan Boyle to shame, and even Simon Cowell would have been impressed. Go Andrew!

Today was the first day of class. Our instructor, Ms. Hall, is the Teaching Associate of the Undergraduate Laboratories. She seems to be very nice, and I'm excited to be in class with her. To start things off, she gave us a brief slide show and introduction of biotechnology and DNA. Afterwards, we played another "icebreaker" where we went around and tried to guess the pet peeves of others. At the same time, we received slips of paper that tell us a location, and in a group with two others with the same location, we have to take a picture at that location. I will be at Waterplace Park, which is approximately one mile from the school. Lastly, we took a pre-test for the class, and I realized that I had forgotten much of what I had learned in AP Biology and Chemistry, but afterwards, it all slowly began to come back to me. I'm excited for our lab tomorrow, and I know that I will have a good time.

After class, we went to lunch at the dining hall, then shopping. Although I'm not much of a shopper, I still had a lot of fun hanging out and getting to know the other ILC students better. We've all also began to make new friends outside of the ILC, but we all still stick together. We then went back to school to do laundry. At the laundry room, I accidentally loaded my laundry in one machine and paid another machine, but I didn't notice until the end. I ended up wasting 38 minutes and $1.25, but at least in the end, I have clean clothes now. We then went to dinner, and then shopping again. Towards the end of the evening, Will and I followed Andrew to his audition (which was amazing) and then to Andrew's and then Will's room to study. Good night to Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, Don, and all of those reading this post, as I am really tired. Good night!


  1. Austin,

    Another fine read.

    It's good to see you taking the time to accompany Andrew to his tryout. It never hurst to have a friendly face in the audience.

    When I first started reading about your experiences in the laundromat I was worried that you might repeat what I warned you all about: either forgetting to empty your pockets or mixing colors with whites. I was relieved to read on that you simply threw your money away.

    I can understand why you might be so tired considering all of the shopping you did today. Of course, we won't even talk about how that time could have been used to prepare for tomorrow's class. Oh well...

    Interesting how I've read four blogs about the exact same class but it's almost as if you were all in a different class. he way you all described what was happening seems different each time. The name(s) of the instructor(s) and the ice breaking activities are just two examples.

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  3. Sorry, I laughed when I read you put money into the wrong machine, Austin. We really enjoy reading your writing and the nice photo.