Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brown-1 Skips Town in a Hurry

Braving the dark of night and the early morning chill our six Ivy League Connection students (more commonly referred to as “Brown-1”) headed off to Providence, Rhode Island to begin their classes at Brown University.

Stephanie Chan and Andrew Gabriel will study International Financial Markets and Investments while Austin Long, Megan Robb, William Chong and Zijun Tang will study Techniques in DNA-Based Biotechnology.

Along with their chaperone Ms. Yolanda Bulls, the Brown-1 cohorts gathered at Pinole Valley High School, said their farewells to family members and boarded their shuttle at 5:15 this morning. 

Our six students have a full agenda on their plate visiting numerous other college sites over the next few days before beginning their studies.  Stay tuned to this site over the next three weeks to read of the adventures of our team members while back east.

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