Thursday, June 24, 2010

What To Do In College (For Prospective Students)

Hey guys. This is just a list of do’s and don’ts in college

1. Wake up early enough to be the first one for each meal. Trust me, waiting in line is Explore the college campus before your classes start. The best way to do this is to get lost frequently. When it comes down to crunch time, knowing where you're going will boost up your confidence level and help you get through the day.
2. Attend socials and events because you can new friends, exploring college life, and just have fun. Otherwise, you will be lonely and end up staying inside your extremely hot dorm all day.

1. Leave your stuff lying around. Obvious one!
2. Get your meals during busy hours. The line will be soo long you’ll go out and buy food yourself. Expect the same thing with showers and bathrooms.
3. Disrespect your roommate. Your roommate will save you when you lock yourself out, etc.
5. Check-in after curfew. Your residential advisor a.k.a. guardian will get really, really, really mad and sign an incidence report for you.

The list keeps on growing everyday while I’m Brown and I’ll be sure to compile the list. In the meantime, take care.

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  1. William,

    I surely hope that you didn't gather your list of "Don'ts" from experience.

    And, with both of your lists, these work just as well in your post collegiate life.