Monday, June 28, 2010

The "Rock" Rocks!

I walked down towards my dorm after an interesting biotechnology lecture about plasmids, translation, and genetic engineering. Looking at my homework sheet, I found that I have 15+ pages to read tonight. 

I didn't want to go back to my dorm or anywhere due to the heat so I went on a desperate search for a cool room. Then, I noticed the giant Rockefeller Library overshadowing me. When I first saw the structure, I thought wow! The immense size and the unique structure of the building attracted me towards it. 

My natural instincts made me venture within the building to examine the internal aspects of the library. The first thing I noticed when I entered the revolving door of the Rockefeller Library was the blast of AC that hit me in the face. This warm reception persuaded me to keep going. 

What I saw was amazing. Polished wood shelves and desks were properly sorted into orderly columns and sections. As I looked on the map of the immense library, I found several floors, an immense collection of books dispersed throughout the levels, and individual study areas specifically designed for students. After reading more about the Rockefeller Library, I decided to look deeper inside. 

I started with the lower level of the "Rock" )as coined by Brown students). It was dark and somber walking down the endless hallways--especially with the portraits and library-feeling. 
When I finally arrived at the bottom floor, I was lost in a maze of walls and books. To the left were the restrooms hidden by the numerous shelves and sofa chairs. To the right was the rest of the collection of books along with glass compartments for meetings. Compared to our library back home, I felt envious of the Brown students because they had a great library to turn to for resources and to study. 

Then again, this is a college environment and college students need the library to have a place to do their work, use its abundant resources, and have a place to relax. Moreover, a library can help a student with help with their work and to schedule conversations with other students. When I was in CCC, I utilized a similar library with my Statistics and Geometry courses. The library provided me with a place to do my homework and discuss my work with my friends and classmates. 

I decided to go back upstairs after being mesmerized and lost on the bottom floor.
Upstairs was much brighter and cheerier. There were numerous shops including a small beverage shop for thirsty students, including myself. It felt weird because a beverage bar is unusual for a library because of all the sanitary rules and no food rules. The front librarian smiled at me while I entered through the detectors. Again, I was confused with the numerous entrances and exits. I managed to ask a student for information and eventually found my way through the floor. I again noticed the lavish brown flooring and wonderful wallpaper that gave the feeling of being in an old building. 

As I entered the main building of the library I felt like I was truly in college. As I turned left to right, I witnessed college students reading, studying, and just chilling out in the various rooms. Even thought the Rockefeller library started out as a very small library in the colonial times, it has grown into much more than just a library. It grew into a massive social hotspot and a haven for those in need of rest. If I were a Brown student, I would definitely use The Rock as a resource and a tool. It's another aspect of Brown that I found enjoyable over the days I've spent here. Hope to see you soon.

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  1. William,

    Grand libraries can be so truly grand. A great library has more books than a person can imagine, inspirational architecture, quiet and comfortable study areas and a staff that seems to know where everything is at.

    I'm curious, though, you mentioned that this library started out as a small library back in colonial times. This got me to thinking, though, because this particular library is less than 50 years old (1964). I'm wondering if it started out as that small colonial library your wrote about and then, when someone came forth with a truck load of money, they built a fancy new structure to house the old library.