Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Packed Up and Ready to Go

Today marks the last day to be in California because in about 11 hours, we will be strapped to a plane and taking off to Providence, Rhode Island! 

All packed up with the essentials and I will be sure to make the most of this once in a life time educational experience. 

It is really that time now and learn about International Marketing and Investments at a world renowned college! As guinea pigs, Stephanie and myself, to this new course for the Ivy League Connection, I can look forward to bringing this new knowledge back with me to the community.

I hope that Austin, Megan, Stephanie, William, Zijun, and of coarse Ms. Bulls are all packed up!

1 comment:

  1. Andrew,

    I'm not sure if you've been mislead or if maybe you've been watching the wrong movies. We paid top dollar for your airline tickets so you'll be strapped INTO the plane and not actually strapped TO the plane.

    At the time of this writing I've already waved to you all as the shuttle heads off towards the airport. By now the plane should have left the ground and is heading east. There's nothing more we can do at this end except have positive thoughts for you all and read our blogs.

    Of course, should you want to throw in a photo or two, we wouldn't be upset. You may have noticed that when I get the chance I've been throwing in a photo to all of your blogs. And even before your plane took off I posted a nice group photo of you all from earlier this morning.

    I'm doing my part so now it's your turn to do yours.