Friday, June 25, 2010

Hooray for Friday!

Finally, today was Friday! Although I’ve had a lot of fun this week so far, I’m very glad that we finally have two days off for rest and relaxation.

Today, William and I had a great adventure exploring the city of Providence. We decided to watch “Toy Story 3” at the theater in the Providence Place Mall. On the way there we decided to roam the streets of Providence. We first walked from the University to Waterplace Park where I had taken pictures with my group earlier this week. I found the park to be incredibly soothing and relaxing. Cool breezes blew past us and the bright sun shone upon us giving the park the perfect summer feeling.

From there, we moved on to the Rhode Island School of Design. Unfortunately, it was closed by the time we got there. We then walked along the river and along the way we saw the dome of the Providence City Hall which is located across the street from the Amtrak station.

We then went inside the mall and browsed around until the movie began. The movie was excellent, far better than I thought it would be. It made me think about how I would soon be leaving for college and what I should do with my stuff before I leave. 

After the movie, William and I visited City Hall. It was extremely stunning at night, with its white marble columns contrasted against the shadow blue sky.

Then we went by the riverside again, to watch WaterFire show. There are various lamps that are lit in the river and was supposed to be a spectacular show, except for the fact that we didn’t realize that the show was tomorrow evening, not tonight!

As we walked back to the dorms, we passed through a small park. With City Hall, the shopping mall, and the river surrounding us, I suddenly felt a calming, soothing, and peaceful feeling come over me.

I looked around and for the first time so far in Providence, I felt truly at home for a moment here. The smell of the Cheesecake Factory in the distance and the sound of a band playing by the river all made me feel at home in Providence, but it also made me miss home a little. As we finally reached our dorms, I came to the realization that home is wherever you fit in the best, and wherever you are happy. That place may not be Brown when I apply for college, but for tonight Providence felt like home.


  1. your photos are great, and grad to hear you are doing well.

  2. Austin,

    Sounds like you're feeling right at home in Providence. Too bad about the bad timing with the river thing.