Thursday, June 17, 2010

Journeying to the Big Apple

We woke up fairly early this morning to catch the train to Long Island, NY. Once there, we took a ferry to Staten Island where we got a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from afar. Being on top of the water and getting a tour of New York was amazing. The weather today was pretty sunny with sparse clouds, overall perfect weather to be in. The ferry accomodated approximately 200 excited passengers, 7 of which are from the WCCUSD.

Our next stop was the highly anticipated Columbia University! The first thoughts that popped into my head as I stepped foot onto the large campus was historic and very welcoming. It was much more diverse than I had expected. Many different cultures and backgrounds of all kinds were seen roaming around campus.

At the informational session, one of the things I learned was the difference between a major and a concentration. A major is the branch you want to cover while a concentration is much more specific and detailed. The session covered more about majors and the acamedic aspect of Columbia while the campus tour highlighted more of the basics including the five very different "types" of dorms, and the different cafes and restaurants offered using the point system. Our tour guide was very enthusiastic when giving us a tour around the north, east, south, and west side of the campus. Overall, after today, my knowledge for Columbia University in a way, came alive. Finally, I am able to speak about the school based on my first-hand experience rather than brochures and their website.
Who drives when they arrive at the big apple? Very few. Like the majority, we took several subways to reach our destination. Times Squares is just like what we see in movies - hectic, crowded, yet full of amazing and interesting jumbotrons and brightly-lit stores. Also, we were able to purchase small souveniers for our family and friends. Although today everyone was pretty drained because of either the lack of sleep from last night, or just the hussle of NY, we all survived! I want to applaud Ms. Bulls for getting us to our destination(s) on time. She is new and we are new to the East Coast and she has done a terrific job thus far.

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  1. Stephanie,

    Sounds like you all had it going on while in New York City.

    I enjoyed reading your prose. In my mind I could almost envision Times Square and the hustle and bustle of The City.

    Of course, had I seen some photos I wouldn't have had to tax my imagination so much [ hint, hint :-) ].

    I've never actually been to NYC whereas you spent the day there so I have to defer to what you saw versus what I've learned by watching a half century of TV and movies about New York. You wrote about how everyone takes the subway and taxis. You asked "who drives". Everything I've seen tells me that the streets are filled with cars. Maybe they aren't really going anywhere and are just stuck in traffic. Tell me if I'm wrong here.