Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am so excited now that I have learned about my activities once I go to the East Coast.

It is absolutely wonderful to hear that we will be visiting some very prestigious colleges while we will be there and will have the chance to learn first hand what campus life is like in every single one. Just thinking about having the opportunity to walk through different colleges and explore the environment around them seems absolutely delightful.

Today at orientation, we had the chance to learn more in depth about what to expect during our visit. It was terrific to hear that Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg will join us for a few days while we are on the East Coast.

I feel very grateful for everyone who has made this trip a reality for all the students of the Ivy League Connection (ILC). I had a much greater opportunity to meet with my chaperone and she is absolutely nice and will surely help us throughout our trip. Practically, all we have to do now is pack our bags and handle some last minute things and we will be on our way. For some, however, the trip will begin sooner than for others, nevertheless, this will surely be a fun and fruitful experience for all.


  1. Selene,

    Sounds like you're getting in the mood to have some fun.

    Mr. Ramsey loves to tell you about the wonderful schools you'll be visiting but sometimes we all forget to tell you about the experiences you'll be sharing with friends (both old and new) in your classes, on campus, in the dorms and even around town.

    That's what life is all about, Selene. Have yourself some fun while you're studying, blogging and taking lots of photos.

    It's great that you're excited about sharing some time with Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey when they drop by for a visit but aren't you the least bit saddened by the fact that you won't be able to enjoy my company, too? You're breaking my heart.

    Not to worry, though. While you're all out at fancy restaurants or on personalized tours of great campuses, I'll be here at home slaving away on the blogs and sending you all emails of encouragement. Don't worry about me, Selene, I'll be just fine. :-(

  2. Don:

    It is a shame that we all will not be able to enjoy your company and creativity while we are in the East Coast. Don't say that I am breaking your heart Don, I greatly appreciate the effort, you as well as everyone else who has made this trip possible, has given and continue giving. Even if you will physically not be there in spirit you will. If it were not for courageous and willing individuals as yourself WCCUSD students as myself would not be able to engage in a fun and educational summer in some very prestigious universities of the East Coast. You are part of our achievement and this oppurtunity that the ILC has given us.You have been there even before we each were interviewed. Time and time again you have shown each and every single one of us your dedication and zeal for helping the youth of WCCUSD. We all hope in great deal that you continue doing what you do because you are great at it. By the way don't worry we will think of you while we are at those great places and we will take pictures so that you can almost feel the same joy we will all feel there.