Monday, June 28, 2010

Three R's, rest, relaxation, realization?

Today was a day for recuperation from our hectic week and an action packed Saturday. We spent the day in a relatively relaxed fashion, so I go up to my room and sit. Then I look to my left and there is a large laundry bag that is filled to the brim with the week’s laundry in it. I guess it hasn’t dawned on me until now that there are chores to be done, even outside home. I know I planned on doing it, and that I have been warned about it, but it is different when actually done.

Also, this being the Ivy League Connection, I think meeting new people is in order. Today I had a chance to exercise my people skills by meeting some mutual friends to have a small gathering. We had a great time and it was nice to have someone other than the same faces to hang out with.

I knew today was the last day Ms. Bulls would be having the car, but as she was driving off, dropping off items to last the week, she yelled “make sure you make this last the week!” Even though it was a mountain of water and other goods, it never caught on that rationing and budgeting is part of the experience. Sure it is possible to scarf down all the things we portioned out to each individual, but what will we have the next day? By the end of the week, will a box of “Cheeze It’s” be the best thing I hope to eat when I am hungry and the dining hall is closed?

I was skimming the map today and I noticed that there is a police station on it. It had me thinking about security and how people like the RA’s, the police and even Ms. Bulls form a cocoon around me. I think of it as a three part system, but just today it had me thinking “what if I don’t have a chaperone.” Ms. Bulls is doing a terrific job being our chaperone, taking us out, telling us about real college life, and being a parent when the time calls for it, but what if there isn’t anyone with that connection. You can’t go up to the police officer and hug them. That is when real life steps in.

This day was full of realizations and there will be more to come. All these components are what will help me choose a college. Although I am capable of doing my laundry myself and can pick up a phone and call my parents, but can that keep going for four years and beyond? And if I can keep it up, was It worth it? I know I can’t find the answer during these three weeks, but I can come close.


  1. Andrew,

    I was at a convention in Las Vegas a few years ago when the buzz on the convention floor was about a little mini-mart inside of the shopping mall inside The Aladdin Hotel. This was where we could go to get the simple things like snacks, sodas--a carton of milk--all without having to hire a cab or spend an arm and a leg on the outrageous hotel prices.

    Yes, Andrew, it's the small things that keep us going.

    Being self-sufficient is key to your survival not just when you head off to college but also right now when you return to Hercules. It's nice to be waited on hand and foot and to have someone else take care of you but at the same time, it's nice to be able to take care of just about any eventuality when it comes up. It's at times like that when those around you start looking at you as the leader while they retain their positions as followers. Some people like to let others take the lead. I always liked being in charge. Where do you fit in, Andrew?

  2. I think I will always like the feeling of being in charge. Having the weight of other people keep me awake.