Friday, June 18, 2010

Day Three

I woke up with a late start today. My alarm failed so instead of waking up at 6, I woke up at 9:50 when Andrew knocked on our door, telling us that we have to leave in 5 minutes. I was saying OMG constantly in my head as I dressed up. Austin and I managed to get washed and dressed in a few minutes. The surprising thing today was that the train was 10 minutes late. All of our attempts to go to the station early and having our luggage thrown around have been in waste. I felt sad but the train ride soothed me.

Boston was amazing. When I exited the AMTRAK, the subways and train systems were mystifying. I was amazed at how clean and fast the systems were. It makes New York sort of look bad, and as a result, I was covering my "I love NY" shirt the whole time I was there. We got to Boston College fairly quickly after having a snack at the prominent Dippin Donuts.

The Boston College informational session was very interesting and I got a lot of information about Boston. Some facts I learned about Boston College was that Boston College is a Catholic dominant college and it has many connections with the neighborhood. Even though there are many great characteristics about Boston College, I think that I won't apply to this college mainly because of its Catholic presence and passive engineering school.

Shopping was awesome. Boston's streets were filled with street vendors selling exotics and souvenirs and I savored every second. This is where I learned a lesson in shopping; girls shop for a long time >.>. Besides this, It was such a pleasure to just look at people pass by and the bands play throughout the streets. I wanted to stay in Boston forever but unfortunately I couldn't. Enjoy the pictures. I'm trying to figure how to upload videos in the meantime.


  1. Aww, New York is getting dissed by all of you when you compare it to Boston. Funny story about your "I love NY" shirt.

    Alarm clocks are tricky. Buy/carry extra batteries with you, and if you have a digital clock, make sure it's set right (e.g. AM, not PM). I learned the hard way...

  2. William,

    I can tell already that Irene has a passion for The Big Apple. I won't stand in her way and will leave it to her and her NYC loving friends.

    She writes the truth, though, about travel alarm clocks. I usually travel with three alarm clocks with one being a mechanical clock with a pair of bells on the top to be rung by the clapper. For the record, I ALWAYS use at least two alarms in my own bedroom and if it's important I'll use the third and place it on the other side of the room where I'm forced to get up to turn it off before returning to bed for a few more minutes of sleep.

    I'm amused at how short-lived your love for NYC was. I'm betting that in your next blog you may even turn against Boston.

    With this year's set of Brownies it's unanimous that the fact that Boston College is a school based on religious principals is something of a turn off for you. I think we need to rethink BC as a school to tour in future years. Although it's a fine school, I suspect that had you all known in advance that it was a Jesuit school that you might have decide up front not to apply. There's no sense in wasting our time and money to visit a school that you're predisposed against.

    Tell me, William, that you didn't just snap photos of those great looking pastries and cakes. PLEASE tell me that you sampled them and they're even better than they look.