Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Group Life

The difference between living at home and living in a dorm is that when you live in a dorm, you live in a group. Our 1,000 Summer at Brown Program students are divided by residential halls, into small groups led by hired Residential Advisors. Each group has about 20 same sex people. The Kenney Quad, our dorm building, is divided into about 4 or 5 groups per floor, especially since it is a co-ed dorm.

I'm going to introduce the first friend in the group -- my residential advisor, or RA -- Colleen. Colleen is currently a college student at Providence College, after going to a private place for high school. She is friendly and outgoing. Everyone in my group loves her. Her room is always filled with people and games -- that is how popular she is.

There are also some other friends I've met through the group rather than through classes. Louise, a quiet European girl who came to the States to enjoy American culture and learn more knowledge. Even though she is quiet all the time.

After taking to my RA Colleen this time, I got the suggestion of receiving Louise, who lives in a single, to switch to my room since I have no roommate and I live in a double.

I can't wait for the moving process is over. I want a roommate so bad!!!!!

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  1. Zijun,

    I thought by now that you had a roomie. I hope this move works well for you and happens quickly.

    About Louise, saying she's from Europe is much like saying she's from Africa or South America. Can you be more specific about what part of Europe she's from? Europe is so diverse that the cultures from different parts of Europe are so different that it's as though the people form those areas are from different planets.