Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being a "Yalie"

Today's weather: PERFECT!

Today, we took a two hour train ride down to New Haven, Conneticut to visit another prestigous and well- respected campus, Yale University. Above is a snapshot of the New Haven train station. New Haven was very energetic as we stepped foot into the central part of town. The massive grass area was hosting an Arts and Ideas festival and there, they had foods from various vendors and live bands and music playing.

My first impression of Yale was: "We are here already?" That is because the campus is stretched out widely. There are buildings of lecture halls, dining halls, libraries, and residential halls of all sorts. At Yale, we didn't sit down to hear just another speaker touch on academics and extracirriculars... Instead, we were warmly greeted with a musical presentation on "Why I chose Yale." I would give it five out of five stars-- it was a creative and original way to give prospective students an overview of the school without boring them. Great informational session thus far. Behind me is a timeline of Yale's memories.

Following the musical video was the campus tour. Our tour guide gave us a scoop on the school's history and how it came to be what it is today. There is a statue with an interesting story of the first American spy, Nathan Hale. Ironic and interesting thing is that the statue is NOT the actual Nathan Hale, but a patriotic man from approximately two centuries later that resembles the patriotic Hale. Yale is definitely integrated into the community and events that occur during the year. The buildings are very historic, and old like (they made it to look on purpose with the help of acid), and some are even gothic-inspired. The buildings on the outside may be "old" looking but once building that caught my eye was this library. The architect was amazing, not to mention they had a display of the Gutenberg bible! Take a look :)

This building is New Haven and Yale's oldest buildings built around the 70's.

This bible is a rare item.

The library is filled with a wide and massive collection of books.
Yes--these are all volumes and volumes of books!


  1. Stephanie,

    Great posting! Loved the photos. You get the prize for posting the first photo with an actual person in it and it was one of our own Ivy League Connection team members.

    By now I've referenced that Yale video numerous times but I'm with you: five stars. I saw it on YouTube a few months back and just loved it. And it was put together 100% by Yale people. For those that want to see it, try: It's a nearly 17 minute video but it's great!

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