Monday, June 21, 2010

Brown First Day and Second Day

The 6 Brownies didn't get to officially walk through the gates of Brown for the first time as freshmen, but walking under any Brown gates is indescribable, you get this feeling like you belong here and part of the culture, school, and community. Hello Brown!

Sayles Hall was our first stop where we registered, received an orientation packet, ID cards, and picked up our room keys.

Next stop, campus tours and orientation which was quite helpful and vital for all 900+ students at Summer@BROWN. The RA's, RD's and event coordinators introduced themselves briefly after the presentation about safety and conduct.

Walking onto Brown's campus was much different than walking onto Columbia, Boston, and Yale. The campus was a very enriching site, filled with green everywhere, spacious grass areas, and buildings with special arches. The campus is definitely widespread, as walking to the dining hall isn't just a five minute walk. Nevertheless, Brown is genuinely weaved into the community of Providence which I like. I've come to realize that schools integrated into the community are just as unique as schools that are there very own communities. There are pros and cons for both situations. Both are truly great experiences one can have.

I share a room with one other girl named Sera. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and is enjoying her stay as much as me. I've learned a good amount of her already, but I know in the next three weeks, we will only grow closer and share more about ourselves, academically and socially. I am glad to have her as my roommate!

After breakfast today, we headed to class early just in case we were going to get lost. Our professor, Professor Li, at first impression looked strict and very traditional. But as time elasped, his jokes really opened the room up. I introduced myself to him after class and chatted for a few. When I told him I was from the SF Bay Area, he was surprised because he was just there visiting family before the Brown program started. How interesting!

Tonight, he assigned reading two chapters of the text which I will do.

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  1. Stephanie,

    I'm glad you're getting settled in and have started class. I look forward to reading in the coming days about what's happening in your class.

    The class that you and Andrew are taking is new to us so it's of particular interest. We're counting on the two of you to tell us in detail about the curriculum and your thought on the teaching style of the instructor. We're also interested in learning about any TAs you might have.

    It's also comforting to learn that you're getting along so well with your roommate. Even if it's just for a few weeks, having a cozy relationship with a roomie can either make or break your stay.