Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Few Rough Roads That Smooth To A Beautiful Highway!

Today was one of those days where I had to battle my way through. I think it is impossible to go through one of those phases. What happened is that the group I was invited to, did not have the same enthusiasm I had.  I also see that just because the institution is of higher learning, does not mean that some of the others strive for the same goals. For the project, I have to create 5 minutes to represent South Korea’s economy.

What I had to do is, try very hard to explain to them why we are here. I told them that we are here to learn a skill and that not many have this chance. It was a bit shaky, but I feel confident with what we put out.

I felt like I was in a battle to keep control. I had to do everything I could to make sure that everything works. I had to fight to keep on moving. It is a good thing that I was a part of the Ivy League Connection because they help drive me to keep on trying and to know that I am here on a mission to higher education. It is also to represent the District in this Ivy League college.

The project is the one where our group must create an analysis of a region and it is divided by each having their own country. This is a very important project because it is the very first one. Even though it had a shaky start, I saw this as a learning experience because it made me think about more than convenience, but also the drive to learn. I know why I am here and that is to learn. I am not here to goof off or talk to girls or even join certain groups, but to learn and represent the District as be.

As for class, we covered a large amount of material today. These things included Financial Markets and many more. These continue to intrigue me because I never expected so much. One thing that especially caught my attention is the fact that the New York Stock Exchange is a secondary market because they sell “used” stocks while car loans are primary because they are brand new and did not have a prior owner.


  1. Andrew,

    This may not make you feel any better but this really is yet another lesson in the real world.

    Consider this scenario: your supervisor where you work puts you together with several of your coworkers to come up with a report and proposal that will either propel your company to the top of the heap or head it for bankruptcy court.

    In your first meeting you learn that your teammates include the company idiot--who happens to be the brother-in-law of your supervisor-- who got his job (and keeps it) just so your supervisor wouldn't have to support him, the guy that's going to retire next month and no longer gives a darn and the newbie who knows nothing but how to get the coffee.

    Add to that that there's no hierarchy and you're all supposed to act with the same authority.

    Your job--and your future in the corporate world--depends on making this work.

    What are your options? With some companies you're allowed--even encouraged--to make these worthless coworkers 'disappear'--but Brown might frown on that as an option.

    Perhaps the better alternative is to rise up and take the leadership role. A true leader leads no matter what and the others simply fall into line.

    Where do you see yourself in all of this, Andrew?

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