Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Lab

Hi guys. Today we did our first lab. It was the longest and the most professional lab I've ever done. We started out with simple exercises of using different types of micropipette to bacterial culture techniques. Although we had groups, we just discussed about how to follow the procedures correctly. Each of us worked individually. I really appreciate this opportunity of being in a well-equipped, professional lab at Brown everyday. I got my hands on some equipment I've never used before, such as microfuges.

This Bio-tech class overall is a challenging course even though I already had some AP Biology background in my sophomore year. The contents are not hard to get, but the assignments are pressuring on me, especially the heavy reading assignments and Lab prep's. However, I am glad that I got this chance to review and learn Bio-tech techniques as well as to practice my reading skills.  I am being challenged but still having a good time.

More reading and quiz prep are waiting for me. See you guys next time!

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  1. Zijun,

    As you're learning first hand, the higher the level of your educational training, the higher the volume of the daily reading. Learning at a prestigious university can be challenging and some just can't hack it and fall by the wayside.

    Ar the very least, you're getting an opportunity to work with real equipment designed for the work you're doing. You're definitely not back at De Anza.

    Once things calm down for you and you fall into a routine, maybe you can write to us about your life on campus, how you're getting along with your floormates and whether you got yourself a roomie yet. Tell us more, Zijun. Tell us EVERYTHING.