Monday, June 28, 2010

Brown's Science Library

As I walked in through the turning doors of Brown’s Science Library, the cool air hit my face. I felt immediate relief from the hot, humid and rainy weather. The lobby of the library was decorated with colorful couches, lounge chairs, and sleek white tables for you to study and drink your coffee at. As I looked around the room I saw people busy working on a number of projects from relaxing to studying for exams. The lobby of the library was recently remodeled. As I walked up the stairs to the other floors of the library, the décor became less and less attractive and pleasing to the eye.

On the third level there is a recently remodeled from that is dedicated solely for science students and the science department. I overheard a student say that the library had been closed for quite a while and that they were glad that it had finally opened. As I walked out of the elevator I saw beautiful pictures of organisms that had been magnified through a microscope. The organisms images had been enhanced by vivid colors.

The orange and the opaque glass walls separated the floor into study rooms that students heavily utilized. Some study rooms were equipped with smart boards so that students could work individually, in groups or with tutors. The rooms also had individual study corners where students could work. The floor was very modern and cool with its layout and equipment.

To my dismay, the rest of the floors are not quite  as nice as the third floor study hall but they were instead filled with rows and rows of books. The books offered a range of information in the sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, and all the sub subjects within those fields.

The library is not only a great place to study but it also held one of the biggest Tetris games ever. They set up projectors that spanned the length of this 17 story building and played Tetris on it. Their record was shortly beat by a Korean group but it just shows the variety of things that the library provides.

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  1. Megan.

    Aren't libraries grand?

    The best libraries aren't just the ones with a gazillion books but are the ones that are laid out in such a way that a person feels at home and is comfortable reading writing or just studying.

    When the library is attractive as well as utilitarian, that's just icing on the cake.