Saturday, June 19, 2010

"For God, For Country, and For Yale!"

So goes the Yale mantra.

Today we visited Yale University, which was the most impressive that I have had the opportunity to visit so far. The campus was clean to perfection, the buildings were stunning and awe-inspiring, and the tour was fantastic.

We started the tour by watching a movie. I thought that it would be a boring, bland, video on the highlights of Yale, but instead, I was stunned as the movie was more like a musical, with students and admissions officers dancing and singing about the wonders and features of Yale. To be honest, the video was so good, it sent shivers down my spine, and the sight of all the happy, jubilant, and ecstatic students singing about their college made me realize that this college really cares about it's students, and the students really care about their college. As we went along the tour, we visited many buildings, but all were equally astounding with their beauty and unique features and architecture. The most beautiful building was the library, but it had been built as a cathedral, and I thought that it was very interesting how although the building was built like a cathedral, it was designed as a library, and all the usual aspects of a cathedral had been converted and dedicated to education and learning. I really enjoyed the college tour, and I will definitely be interested in apply to this college.

After we arrived back at our hotel, Ms. Bulls took us out on a sightseeing trip around Providence, and we saw Brown for the first time. At the end, she drove us to Massachusetts for McDonalds, where I got a hot fudge sundae, yum. I'm really glad that we have Ms. Bulls for a chaperone, as she works really hard to ensure that everything goes according to plan for us. Thank you to Ms. Bulls and the rest of the ILC for making this trip possible. Tomorrow we move into dorms at Brown, I'm nervous to see who my roommate will be.

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  1. Austin,

    Glad you enjoyed the Yale tour and the music video. A few months back I saw the video on YouTube [ ]. I loved it to death and still watch it from time to time.

    Interesting stuff about the architecture of the library. Maybe this is something to look into more so you can share with us.

    I'm a little concerned about your frequency at visiting fast food joints for sustenance. You all may be feeling right at home and maybe it's just the gown-up in me shining through but I have to think there are better eating establishments that you could frequent. I'm not being critical of Ms. Bulls, mind you, it's just that when you travel to new places you're supposed to experience new things and not the same thing that's offered in thousands of locations all over the world. I'm not there, though, so I should refrain from sounding critical.