Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to the East Coast ILC Cornell and ILC Columbia!

From all of us at Summer@Brown, we all wish you guys good luck and hope that you will have a fantastic summer on the East Coast! It’s nice to have some fellow Bay Area and WCCUSD students here with us, experiencing the wonders of a world far different from our own in California. Although the languages and customs may be the same as we know back at home, the experiences and viewpoints here will change your future and widen your scope of knowledge. We’re all glad that you guys have arrived, and we hope to see you at Brown soon!

Last night, we went to Friendly’s with Ms. Bulls to talk about how our classes have been and to check in with Ms. Bulls. It was a unique experience, in that I realized that no matter where we were, the consideration and kindliness of people are always a constant. It may seem silly or cheesy, but it was at Friendly’s while talking to the waitress about our program that I realized how no one is truly ever alone in this world. There are always those who take care and interest in others not for personal gain, but because they believe in the spirit of humanity towards others.

In class today, we did gel electrophoresis to show how restriction enzymes cut apart DNA into strands of different sizes. It is very exhilarating to be able to see and to actually perform the techniques and procedures in the textbook. Although the labs can be confusing or meticulously annoying at times, the whole process of doing the labs first and then learning more about what we did is a new style of learning for me. I prefer this process over the familiar style of learning then application, because the application in the beginning helps me understand what I need help with and what I comprehend. I also enjoy working in a full laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art materials and equipment to further help enhance our learning.

Tomorrow is finally Friday! On Saturday we will be visiting Boston with the rest of the Summer@Brown students, and I’m sure that it will be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to relaxation on Sunday with much peace and quiet. Thank you ILC for this exciting trip!


  1. Dear Austin,

    Thanks for the tip. Now that Cornell and Columbia are both in the East Side with you guys, we can all share the spotlight. :-)

    It seems like the labs are very informative and also proving to be great learning opportunities one can not really find back at home. Keep your good work!

    Sleep-deprived but excited,
    Wing So@Cornell

  2. Austin,

    How do you think you'll fare when you return to Pinole and get to work in the state-of-the-art labs they have there?

    Just curious, was there a field trip for all of the Summer@Brown students to go to Boston or just the six Brownies?

  3. The field trip was for all Summer@Brown students, and I believe that approximately 300 students went.

    Once I return to Pinole, I plan on using the knowledge that I learned from this program and applying it to wherever needs it most. I am thinking about attempting to apply for a internship of some sort where I can use the skills and knowledge that I learned from Brown. Otherwise, I'll be excited to share my experiences with anyone who will listen or anyone who is interested in my tales of Brown.