Saturday, June 26, 2010

Exploring the City of Boston

Tonight was the first showing of Providence's Waterfire Show. The Waterfire show stretched out along three rivers, with numerous bonfires floating atop the river. Residence and tourists, like us, from all over surrounded the river all around to watch the lighting of the flames. The boats circled the fire pit to add more fire to increase the intensity and size of the flame. People took their seats before it became dark. Glowsticks and flashing-light toys were seen from across the water.

As soon as it became dark, all the fire pits were the same in size. The smell of smoke could be smelled from everywhere around the body of water. The smoke caused a slightly fuzzy view of the spectacular show. Waterplace Park had soft and sentimental music playing as the boats rowed encircling the pits, awing the audience.

Aside from seeing Providence's highly anticipated show of the night, we visited Boston with about 10 other buses filled with my fellow Brownies. We were dropped off at the Marketplace, and there it was up to us to explore. We had the responsibilty to come back at 3:45 to come back to Providence. Our group visited the mall, had clam chowder for lunch, and went to visit a rare store called Johnny Cupcakes. They only have three locations nationwide in addition to the online store. The layout and decoration of the store was very unique and complimented the name of the store very well through their bakery style appliances to display their merchandise. In addition, we visited Boston's Chinatown. It is very much similar to San Francisco and Oakland's Chinatown -- delicious food, foreign shops, and lots of tourists.

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  1. Stephanie,

    I'd love to be able tell you that I was thrilled with your photos of the river and Chinatown (which I was) but the photo with your smiling face was a very pleasant diversion. It certainly helped personalize the travelogue.