Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Adventure, A Little Closer

Today is day two and it was off to Boston and visiting Boston College. When we arrived at Boston, it was all business and we went directly to Boston College. After getting well acquainted with the subway system in Boston we had a fun time walking to the college entrance. It was still really long  but it was very nice to see the school.

When the Eagle Eye tour began it was very informational but the more I heard them talk about it the less I could see myself being there. It just wasn't a good fit. First off, it is a religious school and I prefer to go to a school that is about academics instead of going to one where you are required to learn about religion. 

Next is the layout. During the campus tour I noticed how spread out everything is, how the climate was really hot and it was relatively time consuming to get from building to building. It is located on a really big campus and I prefer a more tight-knit type campus. 

I did like how it was safe and that it offered a lot in terms of science, art and sports and such, but being from out of state and seeing how much I liked and disliked it at the college, I just didn't like it. It was worth it because I now know even more what I look for in a college.

After that we went through the crossing in the busy part of Boston. It was really fun and was filled with shops and such. After that was another short trek home to the Hilton where I forgot the things I purchased on the train.

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  1. Andrew,

    Are you telling us that you left behind some of the things you purchased?

    Some people flock to parochial schools simply because that's what's important to them while others stay away for that very reason. There's nothing wrong with rejecting a school because of the focus of their curriculum. As a matter of fact, that's one of the best reasons to reject a school.

    Another is the weather and a third is the layout--as you described. All are valid reasons for selecting or rejecting a school.

    You commented on the sports aspect of BC but are you telling me that the home of Doug Flutie doesn't entice you?