Monday, June 28, 2010

Exploring New Places

Although today has been extremely hot and humid, it was also fulfilling and interesting. Shortly after meeting up with friends, I noticed that a second dining hall has been opened for new arriving Brown Summer Program students. We were curious about the difference between the two dining halls so we went to try this “new one” out. The food was slightly different. We were satisfied just by watching WATCHING WHAT? and sitting in the new dining building. Even though somehow the AC was not provided in the building, I still had a good meal.

After going to the first part of the class where we perform labs, I was glad that I had a good breakfast, otherwise I might have passed out when I had to multitask to finish the lab on time. Today’s lab was pretty tough. It still involved electrophoresis, but was brought to an even higher level. Even though we used the same method of analyzing restriction enzymes and DNA fragments, it was still challenging because there were two labs and two parts for each lab. 

I also learned that interpretation skills are very important when doing labs. It is necessary to be able to read efficiently and understand the purpose and procedures correctly in order to proceed with the lab at the highest efficiency. I must master this ability to strengthen myself for college.

After class, I decided to visit Sciences Library, which is located on the corner of Waterman and Thayer Street, and it was on our way back to our dorm. 

According to the librarian, the Sciences Library “holds materials that support study and research in all fields of science” and provides a wide range of service.” It is also referred as “SciLi” by formal students and staffs at Brown University. 

After being built in 1971, it became the first high-rise library in the world. I am really looking forward to being able to study in such an amazing library with an excellent studying environment and resources.

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  1. Zijun,

    Nice photos.

    This library contrasts starkly with The Rock as described by some of the others. While the SciLi looks like a modern library, The Rock looks so much more like what you'd think an old university library might look like.

    Strangely, they were built only a few years apart from each other with The Rock being built in the early 1960's and the SciLi the early 1970's

    You're not the only one to write about the oppressive heat and humidity. The online weather reports suggest that it's only about five degrees warmer where you're at than it is here but I'm betting that doesn't really tell us the half of it.