Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The First Lab at Brown!!!

I woke up today with a jump at 6 in the morning. After a few days inside the dorms I feel more like at home. I'm developing friends that just say "Hey" casually to everything. I just made a friend last night who studied with me for his biomedical class. I feel like Brown's environment is a friendly community in which you can greet each other like friends. I love that feeling of togetherness.

One of the features that I like about my class is that it has a professional looking lab. Back in middle school, the lab stations were make-shift tables that fold up and are stored in closets. In Brown, the labs are amazing. Each person has their own lab station with their own equipment, no sharing or anything like that. I also like that fact that the teacher Mrs. Halls lets us loose to mess around with the equipment, which gives us freedom and space to make and clean up mistakes.

The lab consisted of using pipettes (which are used to measure/distribute exact volumes), sterilizing lab materials, and individualizing separate bacteria colonies. This was the first time I was using real lab materials and working in a lab environment. I felt nervous at first but as I got used to it I felt more confortable. It was also the first time I actually interacted with bacteria cultures. It made me feel like an actual biologist working in a lab.

As I stay here at Brown, I have noticed that Brown really does care about you. Brown gives you chances and opportunities in more than one way. Brown has residential advisers who take care of you and patrol the dorms. Brown has wonderful weekly activities that keep you busy. Brown has a wonderful learning environment. And most importantly, Brown is there for you.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow's quiz (I know that quick?). See you tomorrow

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  1. Okay, William, are you suggesting that we're not providing you with the best educational opportunities back here at home? Am I understanding you right?

    Isn't it wonderful to attend a school where education really seems to be the main focus? We like to think that some parts of our schools are pretty good but in reality, most public schools are still just warehouses for our young people and the emphasis really isn't on educating them with information that may be of some use to them later in life.

    And unlike the high school you left and will soon be returning to, most students at a college or university really are there to get an education. That's the main focus of their l;ives for those four years.

    Had I known you were interested in working on a real live bacterial culture, I would have had you swing by my place where you can find such things all over.