Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day in NYC

After waking up at 5 AM this morning, we started the day by going to Ms. Bulls' room and making sandwiches--just in case if we get starved on the train to New York City. Yes, it took us 3 hours to get there.

Our first stop in NYC was the Staten Island Ferry. We took a round-way ride between Staten Island and Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan. From the deck of the ferry we received a perfect view of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, as well as those skyscrapers and bridges of Lower Manhattan.

After grabbing some snacks we took the subway to Columbia University. As we entered the campus at the gate on Broadway, these amazing 18th and 19th century style architectures popped up in my sight. Low Memorial Library, Butler Library, and other centerpieces of the campus are all great historic landmarks.

As one of the most prestigious schools, Columbia University possesses many advantages for students. Located in NYC--a cultural and economical center--Columbia provides the best career development opportunities plus a great variety of community activities. Students at Columbia also receive flexible class management: open enrollment for all 3 semesters and waiving major courses with AP exam scores.

The school looked beautiful and housing and dining conditions sounded awesome. I like the fast, busy and prosperous environment. I will definitely apply to this school.

After visiting Columbia University, we dined at Chipotle and visited Times Square. We all had a great time.

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  1. Zijun,

    Sounds like a fun--but tiring--trip.

    Just curious, was this just a site seeing trip or were you able to take a guided tour and speak with students?