Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Adventure's True Beginning

So early in the morning we were scheduled to meet at El Cerrito High School (ECHS). There we were given the necessary things that we would need while in the East Coast. Among the things that we were given was an alarm clock and extension cord.

Once the shuttle took us to the airport the feeling of being away from home that I had felt during my car ride to ECHS arose once more. I thought about the plus side of this trip which is the whole trip in its entirety. This trip will allow me to grow and mature as an individual. Also, it would enable me to see what else there is out there and what other opportunities I may one day seek to pursue. In addition, it made me think of how I can use what I learn on this trip to help other students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD). Thinking all this calmed me down and made me feel ready to take the steps that followed.

At the airport the time went by in a breeze, it wasn't long before the plane took off and we were off to the East Coast. While in the plane, where we were seated in groups of three. I sat with Guadalupe Morales and Lydia Breksa. For the most part the plane ride we talked and listened to music among other things. The plane ride felt a bit long but once I looked outside the window and realized that the plane was descending I prepared for what awaited.

At our arrival at Boston we had to go claim our luggage and we were off to find our hotel. The minute I had stepped outside the plane I had felt a bit of the heat. This however, was much less intense from what awaited outside. Outside it felt extremely hot and humid at first but then with a bit of time it was not as bad. In part, for some it turned out to be a little difficult to pull their luggage. In the end our journey from the airport to the hotel was not too strenuous.

We had nothing other to do after we arrived at the hotel and we decided to look for a place to eat and we were all parched. After some time seeking a good restaurant we found one and had a nice dinner. Most of us had not eaten since around 5:00 AM. The city‘s buildings in part remind me of the buildings that can be found in San Francisco. The one thing it lacked, maybe just today, was the immense crowd of people that usually are on the streets of San Francisco. There were many beautiful buildings and there were plenty of stores everywhere. One thing about Boston is that there is a Dunkin Donuts almost around every corner, the same goes for Starbucks.

The only problem we at first had encountered was that our hotel rooms did not have Wi-Fi and only after asking we discovered that there is Wi-Fi only in the hotel's lounge. Initially we had thought that we would not be able to share our first day’s experience with all of you, but luckily we were able to and so goes for the rest of our trip.

Cannot wait for tomorrow's tour of Connecticut College!! In addition, I cannot wait to go to Brown, which will only take another few days.

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  1. Selene,

    Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts on every street corner? What more can you ask? And you all chose to go for pizza when you had such fine eating establishments on every corner?

    Every day of this ILC experience I take notes of things we can do better next year. I just jotted down that when we look for hotels we need to find ones with free Internet in the rooms. Even if it's not Wi-Fi our people need to be able to plug in.

    Even though I'm significantly larger than all of you and significantly stronger, I HATE having to haul my gear around. Aside form my overstuffed baggage I usually have a very heavy camera bag and laptop bag. At airports I LOVE SmartCarts. EVen if it's just for a short distance, it's worth the couple of bucks to be able to wheel my gear as opposed to carrying or dragging it. I even offer available space to other passengers to save them the aggravation.

    Sometimes I bring my luggage carrier which tilts back on a second set of wheels and can haul 600 pounds.

    The older I get the lazier I become so if there's a way to make a tough job easier, I'm all for it.