Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brown and Back

This trip to the east coast and Brown University has been one of the biggest aspects to my life. It has taught me so much as to how to be a person and what to expect out of life. From the first day of landing to picking up our luggage at Oakland airport, everything was just supplemental to the way I view things now. There were so many pieces to this puzzle that everything had to have their own part in this reflection.

A very crucial part to the trip and Summer@Brown would be my fellow Ivy League Connection members. We were all very tight knit and all agreed that we would be one of the closest groups in the Ivy League Connection. We were always there for each other and agreed that during this trip, we were a family. We never let the other lag or fall behind. Sometimes we did have disagreements, but us being a family, this would be inevitable. We will be sure to have each other keep in contact beyond the Ivy League Connection because we were so close.

One of the most important people would have to be Ms. Bulls. Being so close, we needed a chaperone that can handle us and that’s exactly what Ms. Bulls did. She knew that we were a close bunch and we wanted her to be a part of that. Another thing is that she was more of a mother than the person who makes sure we get there in time. She was more of a mother because her first priority is to make sure we are all healthy, safe and nourished before being on time. She always managed to get us there on time though. She was the perfect chaperone for us and no other chaperone can do the job she did.

The next would have to be the class at Brown. This class gave me a sneak peak at what a college class is going to be like. I learned so much in three short weeks. What used to be chicken scratches on paper when it came to finance is now a land of prosperity, hope and even recession and such. The teacher, Professor Li was the perfect teacher for the job. He understood every corner of the subject on economics. By the end of the class, he knew all our names and said that his reviews would be based off of everything we did and how we performed. What’s better is that now I can do a lot with this newly captured knowledge, like dive into the stock and bond market with the confidence that I will succeed.

Another piece would be the administration at Brown. From the events coordinator to the RA’s, they made it fun during the time at Brown. In addition, these were the connections that we had the chance to make during this trip. This was my RA’s first time as an RA, but he did a spectacular job.

One cannot forget the friends made during this trip. These are the other connections made, and I had to meet people from all countries, backgrounds and life styles. I had the chance to hear about how some students from China don’t have access to Internet stores and how ethnicity has nothing to do with where you live. I have made new friends that I still keep in contact with after the Summer@Brown.

This trip/class/experience has been one of the most life changing things I have ever done. I used to be so solid and true to everything I do. I usually knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be, but know, it has all changed. Everything that I once thought was rock solid is now smashed to bits, but in a good way. I can now see the nation in another aspect. I do want to leave California; I do want to tackle the life of a college student outside the comfort of home. I even found out some new things about myself that I would have never found out. I will always cherish this time on the East Coast and I will be sure to repay my debt and thank you to all that has made this possible

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  1. Andrew,

    It's always good to hear that the ILC has made a difference.

    All along our goal is to make sure that our students know that there are options other than the UCs and the Cal States--fine schools but not necessarily the best fit for everyone.

    With more then 3500 colleges and universities across the nation wouldn't it be a waste to exclude from consideration all but the 23 Cal States and 10 UCs?

    Your eyes have been opened, Andrew, so now it's only you that can determine how to proceed.